Trevor Hall

Trevor Hall

Trevor Hall

Trevor Hall came to Boulder Colorado last Saturday night and demonstrated just how complete a power trio can be, Chris Steele on drums and Mario Pagliarulo on bass and Trevor doing his thing, that mind-full and aware passionate singing thing.


These three guys mesmerized a very grateful Boulder crowd, it was an especially memorable evening for Trevor since he had three interesting guests make their way to the stage, an 8 year old local girl, Trevor’s father and Trevors’ old high school friend that lives in Boulder.


Music almost always takes you to a higher place, even more so, when you really experience it first person, and Trevor’s music is no exception. But there is a special feeling at Trevor’s shows and when you leave the show you find yourself beaming, you know that great feeling you get when you are filled with gratitude and it humbles you, and you slow down and you smile. Trevor always make me feel that way.


Later in the show Trevor show cased an 8 year old local girl who could play most of Trevor‘s repertoire and I mean play, this little girls guitar playing and timing were amazing and her stage presence was like watching a seasoned pro, I only caught her first name, Jaden.


Trevor hovered in the wings during her performance like a proud father as she sang her heart out to his songs, she had the packed house all singing along to her version of Lime Tree, which I recorded and can be found at the end of this post.


Later in the set Trevor announced that his father was in the house and invited him up on stage, Mr. Hall helped Trevor out on Trevor’s own, Om Shakti Om. Once the song ended they compared the length of their hair and Mr. Hall was gone as quickly as he had appeared.


Trevor, Chris and Mario have really come into their own since I saw them several months back, really digging in hard to Reggae/Ska based sound but with the Trevor spiritual twist ringing through.


It always a pleasure to hear a band this good, and watching Chris Steele play drums is such a powerful experience, in the past I have only seen him play the wooden box drum or Cajone.


The lighting at the Fox changed often illuminated Trevor’s dreads quite nicely.


Below is Trevor’s old High School friend jamming down.


View Trevors High School Buddy
View Full Album

Trevor smiles.



Chris Steele playing the box drum or Cajone.



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6 Responses to “Trevor Hall”

  1. melanie says:

    thank you for these beautiful photos!
    the last one is my very favorite.

  2. A-Stro says:

    beautiful pics man i love trevor and the box drum is called a Cajone, i cant wait to see trevor with michael franti

  3. arianna says:

    i love trevor hall he is an amazing singer and he has so much meaning in his songs… i saw him with colbie and he was amazing

  4. admin says:

    He is playing in Utah tomorrow night so I may try and catch that show, I have many more photos of him from two other performances on my Flickr site, you can see them here: and here

    Thanks for stopping by.


  5. very good, thankss

  6. Meredith says:

    where is the video of the little girl singing?

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